GP practices of CHAGZ

Welcome to Amsterdam!

Are you an international newcomer in Amsterdam, and searching for suitable health care? Our general practitioner (GP) practices can help you!

The CHAGZ is a group of individual GP practices in Amsterdam South that work together on optimizing healthcare for its patients.

Research done in the international community has shown that Dutch Healthcare, for all its strengths, does not always meet the needs and expectations of internationals. Since more internationals start living in Amsterdam, we have adapted our GP practices and trained our doctors to meet the healthcare needs and expectations of internationals.

It can be challenging to be in a different country with a different health system and explaining your medical situation in a foreign language. We understand the challenges that internationals, and their families, face after settling in the Netherlands. Our GPs take time to listen to your personal story and are eager to understand what is important to you!

To satisfy the healthcare needs of internationals, the GP practices meet the following criteria:

  • Professionals at the practice take the time to get acquainted with their international patients and help them find their way in Dutch Healthcare
  • Professionals of the practice completed a special training program
  • Professionals of the practice are proficient in English
  • Information provided by the practice is also made available in English
  • The practice welcomes suggestions and feedback from its international patients
  • The practice participates every 2 years in a H4i survey amongst international patients and uses its results to further improve its services

GP in the Netherlands

The Dutch healthcare system operates different  from what most internationals are used to. In the Netherlands, the GP treats patients for common and minor diseases and can answer most of your general health questions. (S)he is able to perform minor surgery, e.g. a removal of a mole or place an IUD. The GP also performs, for example, standard gynecological or pediatric examinations. It is normal for children to be seen by a GP as Pediatricians generally only see children with special needs or conditions.

A GP has received 3 years of specialist training after a 6-year basic medical education. A GP is obliged by law to regularly update his/her skills and re-register every 5 years.

A GP is also trained to recognize changes to a condition that require you to be seen by another health care specialist. Statistically 9 out of 10 complaints are treated by the GP and around 1 in 10 is referred to another healthcare professional. Your GP will therefore also serve as your link to most other services, such as hospitalization, medical specialists, home nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy.

Together with Healthcare for Internationals (H4i), we have developed this information brochure to help you find your way in the Dutch healthcare system.

Please find one of our GP practices in your neighbourhood below, and register!